Toodyay Road Intersection Upgrades

Toodyay Road carries up to 6,000 vehicles per day and a significant percentage of these are heavy vehicles.
in 2016-17, $10 million from the State Government’s Road Trauma Trust Account was invested in upgrading five intersections on Toodyay Road through Gidgegannup.

In 2017-18, we upgraded a further two sections of Toodyay Road with funding from the Road Trauma Trust Account. The first project upgraded 2.4 km of Toodyay Road between Country and Reen roads, including the Stoneville and Reen Road intersections. The second widened Toodyay Road between O’Brien and Country roads and upgraded the intersections at O’Brien and Roland roads.

The Road Trauma Trust Account collects its funds from speed and red light camera infringements. This funding is then allocated to road safety projects and initiatives that will help prevent the types of crashes that cause serious injury or death.

Latest news

Both projects were largely completed in mid-2018, however some sections still require additional surface treatments and therefore speed reductions remain in place.

We are maintaining the ‘bleeding’ seal on Toodyay Road, between Roland Road and Reen Road, by spreading aggregate on areas of excess bitumen on extremely hot days. This work will continue during the summer months. It is expected that the condition of the road will settle down over winter and be stable by summer 2019-20.

The section of Toodyay Road between Country Road and Stoneville Road that was asphalted in December 2018 will be sealed in late February 2019. Remedial work on the section of Toodyay Road between Roland Road and Country Road is also being planned during autumn.

Once these works are completed, the speed limit will be reinstated to 100 km/h.

Project scope

Toodyay Road between Country and Reen roads

  • Dedicated left and right-turning pockets on Toodyay Road at the intersections of Stoneville and Reen roads
  • Left and right-turn lanes on Stoneville and Reen roads at Toodyay Road
  • Relocation and extension of the westbound passing lane on Toodyay Road to the west of Stoneville Road
  • Improvements to the Old Toodyay Road rest area on the northern side of Toodyay Road
  • Widening of Toodyay Road to include 1.5m sealed shoulders 
  • Street lighting at the Stoneville and Reen road intersections

Toodyay Road at Roland and O’Brien roads

  • 1 km of widening on Toodyay Road between O’Brien Road and Country Road to provide 1.5 m sealed shoulders
  • Dedicated left and right-turning pockets on Toodyay Road at the intersections of Roland and O’Brien
  • Left and right-turn lanes on Roland and O’Brien roads at Toodyay Road
  • Safety barriers on Toodyay and O’Brien roads
  • Street lighting at the intersections


We optimised the design for these projects to protect existing trees and included additional barriers to allow pockets of vegetation to be retained. This almost halved the number of trees to be removed for the works.

All cleared vegetation was mulched and re-used on site or in nearby road reserves.

We are also undertaking planning works in the Wheatbelt section of Toodyay Road.


​Key benefits

  • Improve safety and efficiency


More information

Fact Sheet - December 2017

Map - Country Road and Reen Road

Map - Roland Road and O'Brien Road intersections

Last Updated: 08 February 2019