​New Lord Street

We are working in partnership with the City of Swan and CPB Contractors to deliver the New Lord Street project. The high quality, dual carriageway road will connect Reid Highway and Gnangara Road, removing one the major bottlenecks on our local road network – the southbound approach to the Marshall Road roundabout, where queues during the morning peak can extend to 2.5 kilometres.

Latest news

Construction Update - November 2018

Construction works are taking place in various locations across the New Lord Street alignment between Gnangara Road and Reid Highway. Please see our latest Construction Update for more information.

Project Newsletter - July 2018

Our July project newsletter is now available. It provides an update on the construction of New Lord Street, Whiteman Park access, Henley Brook Bus Station works, upcoming road network changes and how we're managing construction impacts.

Brabham access changes and permanent closure of Charlton Way

A key objective of the project is to provide reliable and continuous traffic flow between Gnangara Road and Reid Highway. We are improving access to the suburb of Brabham through upgrades to existing intersections on Lord Street. Access to and from Charlton Way from Lord Street will be permanently removed from September 2018. These works will be delivered in four stages to reduce the impact on road users and the local community.


​LocationEstimated timeframe​Impact​

Gnangara Road

at Drumpellier Dr

Ongoing to mid-December

7pm to 5am

(intermittent nights)

  • ​Reduced to a single lane in each direction
  • Speed limit reduced to 40 km/h during night works
  • Speed limit reduced to 60 km/h during daytime
  • Pedestrian crossing not operating
  • Roadworks update

Scope of works

  • Dual carriageway road between Reid Highway and Gnangara Road, located approximately 200 metres west of the existing Lord Street in the former Perth-Darwin National Highway alignment
  • Roundabouts will be constructed at the intersections of New Lord Street with Park Street and Youle-Dean Road
  • A shared path will improve access to Whiteman Park for cyclists and pedestrians
  • A new bus station and bus priority measures.


We have taken the opportunity to incorporate some proactive, environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives into the initial site establishment and vegetation clearing activities such as:

  • A program to salvage and relocate grass trees;
  • Advanced trapping for fauna, such as bandicoots, with release back into a safe location in Whiteman Park;
  • A walkthrough of the project corridor with the Woodturners Association to identify specific trees within the clearing footprint for repurposing by the Association;
  • Identification and spraying of weeds to prevent the weeds spreading;
  • Retention of suitable topsoil and mulching for re-use following construction.


Image: New Lord Street map


​Key benefits

The project will reduce congestion and cut journey times for residents of Ellenbrook, Brabham, Dayton and other surrounding suburbs.

It will relieve pressure on the existing Lord Street, a single carriageway road used by approximately 14,000 vehicles a day. The southbound approach to Marshall Road roundabout is a well-known congestion hotspot, with commuters experiencing queues of up to 2.5 km during morning peak hour.


​Key dates

  • Variation to the existing contract for the Ellenbrook Bus Rapid Transit project: Mid-2017
  • Early works: Mid-late 2017
  • Heavy construction commencement: January 2018
  • Construction completion: Late-2018
Last Updated: 20 November 2018