​Optus Stadium - Matagarup Bridge

Matagarup Bridge will connect people moving between East Perth, Burswood Peninsula and Optus Stadium. The bridge will start in East Perth at Nelson Avenue, south of Nile Street, and includes a special event bus stand to move patrons away from residential streets and connect them to the Perth CBD and car park facilities.

The bridge is a key component of Optus Stadium transport plan and will provide patron connectivity between Perth's CBD, East Perth and the Stadium. Further information is available from Optus Stadium website.

Latest news

Preparations are underway for the delivery of the steel bridge components which will make up the main structure and 120-metre-long steel arches of the finished bridge. The temporary causeway on the Burswood side of the river has been extended to create room to assemble the steel modules, from there they will be moved by barge and erected into their final position. We apologise for the disruptions that may occur as a result of assembly and installation activities. Equipment and work methods have been planned to minimise noise and a specific noise management plan will be implemented. Noise monitoring will also occur to ensure works are within approved noise limits.

Navigation channel closures on the Swan River will be required when the steel arches are lifted into place, closure dates and times will be available here as they become available.

Scope of works

  • The bridge will be approximately 65 metres tall at its highest point and stretches 370 metres from bank to bank, with a steel cable-stay span of 160 metres at its centre
  • Only two piers are located in the river, respecting the area’s heritage and minimise the impact on the river
  • It will be at least nine metres wide, wider at pause points and includes some shelter.

 Image: New design during the day

Image: New design at night



 Image: Matagarup Bridge map


​Key benefits

  • Create a key element of the integrated transport management solution to move people to and from the Optus Stadium when it is completed in 2018, along with the buses and trains.
  • Offer a new connection from East Perth to the transformed Burswood Peninsula and Stadium.
  • Provide year-round access for local residents and the community to playgrounds, picnic and barbeque areas plus a network of walking and cycling tracks.


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Last Updated: 08 January 2018