Great Eastern Highway Safety Upgrade: Bilgoman Road to Mann Street

This 7.2 km section of Great Eastern Highway was built in the 1950s and upgraded to a dual carriageway in the 1970s. It now carries about 25,000 vehicles per day and 70 per cent of this traffic is generated from within the Shire of Mundaring.

The project is jointly funded with $34 million from the Australian and Western Australian Governments and supported by the Shire of Mundaring.  Construction is being completed in two stages to allow for complex service relocations and additional planning.

Latest news

The Stage 1 construction works from Kintore Road to Mann Street are now complete.

We are now preparing for Stage 2 to upgrade the final 5.2 km of highway between Bilgoman Road, Glen Forrest, and Kintore Road. The design for this section has been refined in response to community and stakeholder feedback and the outcomes of a road safety audit.

In January 2018, Western Power will begin a comprehensive program of work to relocate its power lines. There will be a series of other service relocations in early 2018 to prepare for the roadworks. Some clearing will also be undertaken in the first half of this year, although this will be kept to a minimum.

Scope of works

  • 5.2 km of widening to provide sealed shoulders
  • 4.5 km of new drainage
  • New or extended turning pockets at all intersections
  • New street lighting to Australian standards
  • New shared paths linking new sealed bus bays
  • New road markings, advance warning signs and guide posts
  • 11 km of safety barriers
  • New driveway crossovers for approximately 70 properties


We have completed a biological survey for the site and refined the Stage 2 design several times to minimise the impact of clearing.

Some of the ways we are preserving vegetation include:

  • maintaining the current level of carriageways to avoid any unnecessary damage to underground root systems
  • installing safety barriers on both sides of the median. While safety standards require 1.2 m deflection zone (clear zone) behind these safety barriers to the nearest tree, in wider sections of the median at least eight to 10 metres of vegetation will be preserved
  • locating street lights within the verge, where practical, to avoid additional clearing in the median. Where this is not possible, double outreach poles are proposed in the median to keep clearing to a minimum.

In accordance with our environmental processes, the clearing extents for this project have been reviewed by the Shire of Mundaring and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

The have also been pegged on site with pink flags and in mid-January 2018, individual trees to be cleared for the Western Power works will also be flagged.

All vegetation clearing for this project will continue to be mulched and re-used on-site. A replanting program featuring local species is also being delivered for Stage 1 in consultation with the Shire of Mundaring. This will be implemented during the 2018 winter. Further replanting will also be undertaken in mid-2019 to complete Stage 2 works.

We will also recycle concrete kerbs, paths and asphalt.


 Image: Stage 1 has been completed and includes sealed bus lanes and safety barriers


Key benefits

  • Improve safety and efficiency
  • Enhance pedestrian and cycling facilities.



​Key dates

  • Stage 1 completion - October 2017
  • Stage 2 construction - Mid-2018 to mid-2019


​More information

Project Update - November 2017

Stage 2 design map

Last Updated: 11 January 2018