​Brearley Avenue Closure

We are planning for the permanent closure of Brearley Avenue at Great Eastern Highway, Redcliffe.

Latest news

In late 2016 and early 2017, we upgraded the intersections of Fauntleroy Avenue and Coolgardie Avenue. We also implemented a partial closure of Brearley Avenue between First Street and Dunreath Drive, to facilitate construction of the new Belmont Station.

The final step will be to permanently close Brearley Avenue at Great Eastern Highway. This is planned to occur by late 2017, with the installation of temporary concrete barriers. Permanent roadworks to replace these barriers for the closure will be completed by March 2018, subject to suitable weather conditions.

The redundant section of Brearley Avenue, between Great Eastern Highway and First Street, will also be prepared for decommissioning and rehabilitation. Read our latest Project Overview for more information.

When the closure is implemented, access to Redcliffe will be available via the upgraded intersections of Great Eastern Highway with Fauntleroy Avenue, Coolgardie Avenue and Boulder Avenue.

Scope of works

To ensure connectivity and access is maintained, we are completing additional modifications to the local road network. On Great Eastern Highway, we are:

  • Modifying the junction at Boulder Avenue to provide left-in, left-out access only for westbound traffic;
  • Widening the highway at the Coolgardie Avenue intersection to provide a new U-turn facility for eastbound traffic; and
  • Modifying the Tonkin Highway southbound off-ramp intersection to provide double left and right-turns.

Boulder Avenue will be realigned and upgraded to provide a replacement connection to First Street. The junction of Boulder Avenue and First Street will also be upgraded, however this work will be completed in early 2018 to accommodate underground piling works for the Forrestfield-Airport Link project.

Airport access

Since the partial closure of Brearley Avenue was implemented in January 2017, road users travelling to Perth Airport’s T3 and T4 have been redirected via Tonkin Highway/Dunreath Drive and Fauntleroy Avenue.

Road users are reminded to take note of updated directional signage along key sections of the road network approaching the airport terminals and to plan their journey in advance to avoid delays.

Operational ‘how to’ videos illustrating the routes to T3 and T4 can be viewed below:

You may also visit the Perth Airport website for a quick guide to help get you to the right terminal.


​Key benefits

This closure will complete the State Government’s reconfiguration of Perth Airport’s major access points. It will also reduce rat-running through local streets and facilitate the City of Belmont and State Government’s development around the new Belmont Station, being built as part of the Forrestfield-Airport Link project - a new train line connecting Forrestfield to the city.


Key dates

  • Construction start - late 2017
  • Construction completion - March 2018


More information

Project Overview - September 2017

​For further information regarding the Forrestfield-Airport Link Project, please visit the project website or phone 9326 2000.

Last Updated: 22 November 2017