​​​​​Tonkin Gap

Tonkin Highway between Collier Road and Dunreath Drive, including Guildford Road interchange

  • Upgrading the highway to include additional lanes, new interchanges, bridges and a shared path.
  • Construction is due to commence in 2020.
  • Improve traffic flow, reduce travel times and support delivery of the METRONET Morley-Ellenbrook Line .

​​image of Tonkin Highway and Guilford Road

Image: Aerial photograph of Tonkin Highway interchange at Guildford Road


​We are transforming Tonkin Highway to deliver a high standard, north-south transport link from Muchea to Mundijong.

The Tonkin Gap Project will address the current bottleneck where the highway reduces from three lanes to two lanes in Bayswater and Redcliffe. We will also be making improvements to access and connectivity for road users, pedestrians and cyclists in the project area.

The preliminary concept includes:

  • Widening Tonkin Highway to provide at least three traffic lanes in each direction from Dunreath Drive to Collier Road
  • Construction of northbound and southbound collector-distributor (CD) roads between Guildford Road interchange and Great Eastern Highway interchange
  • New bridges over the Swan River, Guildford Road, Railway Parade, Dunstone Road and the Perth-Midland rail line
  • New fully grade-separated principal shared path (PSP) on the western side of Tonkin Highway from north of Guildford Road interchange to approximately Stanton Road with local connections
  • Noise wallsRead our fact sheet about noise and screen walls
  • Upgraded lighting and intelligent transport systems (ITS) infrastructure

As part of the same works contract, Main Roads will also undertake rail enabling works to support delivery of the METRONET Morley-Ellenbrook Line , on behalf of the Public Transport Authority. These works will help reduce impacts on Tonkin Highway when the main railway construction begins.​

Project update

​We have now confirmed the basic project scope and started to progress the various approvals to allow for construction.

Additional preparatory work currently underway includes:

  • Geotechnical and site investigations and environmental assessments to inform environmental approval processes
  • Liaison with the Public Transport Authority and Local Government to ensure the concept aligns with future planning for the local rail and road network
  • Early identification of opportunities to collaborate with local government to enhance the river foreshore as part of this project

Expressions of interest from a number of construction companies to complete the work are currently being evaluated.


  • 2019-20: Planning, development and design
  • 2020: Begin construction



  • Alleviate pressure on the existing transport network
  • Reduce travel times for private and freight traffic
  • Improve safety and connectivity


The Tonkin Gap Project is jointly funded by the Australian ($232 million) and Western Australian Government ($58 million).

The Morley-Ellenbrook Line rail enabling works are separately funded and delivered by Main Roads on behalf of the Public Transport Authority.

Last Updated: 16 March 2020