Onslow Road Upgrade

  • 76km of the Onslow Road is being upgraded, over two stages.
  • Stage 1 works are complete. Stage 2 works have commenced in September 2019.
  • Works will reduce travel times and improve safety in the Pilbara.


 Image: Onslow Road Stage 2 works commencement


Stage 1 is a 33 km stretch on the south east end, which included the upgrade of the North West Coastal Highway and Onslow Road intersection.

Stage 2 is 43 km long, and includes structural overlay and resealing, targeted sub-base and sub-grade improvements, replacement and extension of existing culverts and upgrade to signage and road markings.

Project update

Stage 2 works have commenced in September. 


Construction start:

  • Stage 1: August 2018
  • Stage 2: September 2019

Anticipated completion:

  • Stage 1: Completed May 2019
  • Stage 2: February 2020


  • Improved safety
  • Improved traffic efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance requirements


The project is privately funded by Chevron Australia Pty Ltd and managed by Main Roads.

Last Updated: 02 September 2019