Swan River Crossings, Fremantle

  • Replacing the existing Fremantle Traffic Bridge.
  • Currently in the planning stage with construction due late-2021, subject to approvals.
  • Deliver a crossing that considers road, passenger and freight rail and path connectivity.


Image: Swan River near Fremantle Traffic Bridge, with a boat in the water


We are planning to replace the existing Fremantle Traffic Bridge and deliver a crossing that considers road, passenger and freight rail and path connectivity across the Swan River.

Fremantle Traffic Bridge was built in 1938 as a temporary structure and, has served its function well.

However, the bridge's structure has been deteriorating over a number of years and despite extensive strengthening and maintenance works (including a highly disruptive closure in 2016), the bridge needs to be replaced.

We are meeting with a range of stakeholders, including the City of Fremantle to investigate retaining parts of the old bridge for community use.

The project will:

  • replace Fremantle Traffic Bridge
  • include a new rail bridge - providing an opportunity to improve passenger and freight rail access into Fremantle and 
  • incorporate a new path for people walking and cycling to connect North Fremantle Station to the new bridge and across Swan River.  

Project update

Recognising the significance of the crossing is also an important aspect of the project. To achieve this, we have engaged architect and heritage consultants to guide the design and develop a heritage interpretation strategy.

Extensive planning and development is now underway. This includes engagement with several state and local government agencies to determine what can be built and how it can be built to minimise disruption to motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, train services and ships and boats using the river below.

Environmental, heritage and geotechnical investigations and will get underway in the second half of 2020.

Community consultation

The first stage of the community consultation program is set to begin mid-2020.

We will be asking the community to identify their priorities as well as project opportunities as we work to understand the environmental, engineering and other site constraints impacting the project.

The project is being developed to align with State Planning Policy 7.0 Design of the Built Environment.


2020: Planning, development, stakeholder engagement and community consultation

Late 2021: Begin construction subject to environmental and statutory approvals.


The project is funded by the State ($115 million) and Commonwealth ($115 million) governments.




Last Updated: 25 June 2020