​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Armadale Road Upgrade

Tapper Road to Anstey Road

  • Widened Armadale Road to a four lane dual carriageway
  • Construction commenced in March 2018 and lanes opened to traffic in February 2020.
  • New Principal Shared Path opened in mid March 2020
  • Improve safety and reduce congestion in the area, along with better access and traffic flow



The $145 million upgrade of Armadale Road is complete - see the final Project Update for more information. The project involved the construction of a 6.9 kilometre, four-lane dual carriageway between Tapper Road and Anstey Road, with dedicated turning lanes, intersection improvements and new shared path facilities.

Other works included:

  • New roundabouts at Liddelow Road and Taylor Road/ Wright Road intersections
  • Nicholson Road intersection upgraded to a bridge over a roundabout
  • Minor upgrades at Ghostgum Avenue
  • Rossiter Avenue converted to a left in left out only intersection


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Open Armadale Road map Image: Armadale Road Upgrade map​


  • Enhance safety by removing a dangerous bottleneck
  • Improve access to new residential developments Cockburn Train Station, Cockburn Gateway shopping centre and the Jandakot light industrial area
  • Improve amenity for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Improve a strategic freight route connecting the South West and South East corridors of the Perth Metropolitan Area.
Last Updated: 19 March 2020