​​​Great Northern Highway - Maggie Creek to Wyndham

  • Great Northern Highway upgraded between Maggie Creek and Wyndham.
  • Works are underway and are due to be completed in June 2019.
  • The project will provide increased employment opportunities and a more reliable road network for the East Kimberley region.

Image: Maggies Jump Up open


 Maggie Creek to Wyndham

  • Reconstruction and realignment of the nearly six kilometres of highway known as ‘Maggie’s Jump Up’, including construction of a northbound passing lane
  • Reconstruction of 22 kilometres of highway from Maggie Creek to the Wyndham townsite, as well as drainage improvements

Roads to Recovery program – Weaber Plain Road bridge replacement

  • Replacement of the bridge on Weaber Plain Road (over the D4 drain near Carlton Hill Road) to increase its load carrying capacity

Project update

All pavement and sealing works along Great Northern Highway from Maggie’s Creek to Wyndham and bulk earthworks through Maggie’s Jump Up are complete. Works are underway on the small remaining section through Maggie’s Jump Up and are expected to be complete in June.

Bridgeworks on Weaber Plain Road are complete with the new alignment opened to traffic in December 2018. Demolition of the old D4 bridge will be completed in May.


  • Construction start - April 2018
  • Construction shut down for 2018/19 wet season - December 2018
  • Construction completion – June 2019



 Image: Locality map


  • Improved road safety and access
  • Increased productivity, freight reliability and efficiency for the transport industry
  • Increased employment and business opportunities for the Kimberley region and local Aboriginal people and businesses
  • Improved access between Kununurra and agricultural and farming properties north of Bridge No. 5116 on Weaber Plain Road


 Jointly funded by the Australian and State Governments.

The contract also includes the replacement of the bridge on Weaber Plain Road near Carlton Hill Road, funded under the Road to Recovery program.

Last Updated: 27 May 2019