​​​​Toodyay Road Upgrade

Dryandra Road to Goomalling Toodyay Road

  • Passing lanes, road realignment, shoulder widening, plus more.
  • Works are due for completion by April 2020. Further upgrades are planned and we will continue to work to secure funding.
  • Improve safety and efficiencies.


Toodyay Road provides a key connection between Perth, Toodyay and surrounding communities.

The upgrade was a result of the Government’s Wheatbelt Highway Safety Review in 2015, which identified Toodyay Road as the travel route with the highest crash density in the Wheatbelt region.

Planned works include;

  • Passing lanes and heavy vehicle climbing lanes near Jingaling Brook Road, Sandplain Road and Salt Valley Road intersections
  • A realignment and new structure at Jimperding Brook
  • Passing lanes and Intersection improvements at Fernie Road
  • Shoulder widening / sealing and installation of audible edge lining
  • Intersection improvements along the route


 Image: A single carr​iageway in Wheatbelt

Project Update

Further works starting in January 2020

​From mid-January, work commenced to widen a further one kilometre section between Clackline Toodyay Road and Northam Toodyay Road.

​There will be speed restrictions and lane closures from 6am to 6pm. Please follow signs and signals and allow additional travel time. Works are due for completion by April.​


Approvals from both the State and Federal Governments have been received for clearing permits without any objections from the public.

The environmental offset for the project will ensure a property of 196 hectares of prime Wandoo woodland adjacent to the Clackline Nature Reserve will be conserved in perpetuity.

Additionally 188 artificial black cockatoo nesting hollows will be installed in the reserve or in other nearby nature reserves. The reserve and the nesting hollows will be managed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

A revegetation plan has been developed to contribute to the ecological connectivity and to preserve the look and feel of the roadside. Seed collections have been undertaken on Toodyay Road to ensure the species currently on the roadside are available for revegetation. 


​January 2020: Widening works commence on Toodyay R​oad near Clackline Toodyay Road

April 2020: Expected Construction Completion


  • Improve safety
  • Improve efficiencies
Last Updated: 17 March 2020