​​​​​​​​​​​​Thomas Road and Nicholson Road Safety Improvement Project


​Main Roads has been investigating short and medium term treatments to improve safety and reduce the number of reported killed and seriously injured crashes at the intersection of Thomas Road at Nicholson Road since 2004.

On either side of Nicholson Road, Thomas Road is accessed by an average 19,000 vehicles per day, which includes 14% heavy vehicles. It’s acknowledged that the current intersection will not be able to cope with the expected increase in traffic volumes as development in the area progresses. 

To improve safety and ease congestion, we are working to finalise the design for safety treatments at the intersection which will include: 

  • Construction of a roundabout at Thomas Road and Nicholson Road 
  • Construction of median islands on Thomas Road and Nicholson Road 
  • Modifications to line markings and signage 
  • Upgrading street lights to current Australian standards

​Project Update

February 2020 Update

The land acquisition process has commenced, and detailed design and service investigations are in progress.


​In accordance with Main Roads’ corporate Environmental Assessment, Approval and Compliance Process, an Environmental Impact Assessment document has been prepared to assess the environmental impacts of the project. An Environmental Assessment Report and Vegetation Management Plan will be submitted to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation to obtain environmental approval for the project.


  • Increase road user safety and amenity in the area 
  • Improve congestion and level of service for local road users 
  • Upgrade infrastructure to current standards


September 2020: Design process completed

Mid-2021: Construction commences


Design funding has been allocated from State Capital and Nation Building Capital Funds.​

Last Updated: 20 February 2020