Marble Bar Road-Coongan Gorge Realignment

  • Realigned Marble Bar Road through Coongan Gorge, and upgraded Marble Bar Road and Limestone-Marble Bar Road intersection
  • Construction started in mid-2018 and was officially opened on 6 June 2019
  • Provide safe and efficient road access for a number of mining operations and surrounding local and Aboriginal communities.

 Images: Coongan Gorge Realignment open to traffic and official opening


The four kilometre section of road through Coongan Gorge was narrow and winding with steep descents, tight curves and restrictive sight distances. This upgrade will significantly improve road safety and reduce transport operating costs and travel times.

Work included:

Coongan Gorge Realignment

  • Realignment and upgrade of the four kilometre section through Coongan Gorge
  • Construction of culverts and off-road drainage
  • Installation of safety barriers, signs and pavement markings, guide posts and road reserve boundary fencing

Marble Bar Road and Limestone-Marble Bar Road Intersection

  • Right turn pocket on Limestone-Marble Bar Road eastbound carriageway
  • Acceleration lane on Marble Bar Road eastbound
  • Northbound and westbound left turn pocket on Marble Bar Road

Project Update  

The full four kilometres of realigned Marble Bar Road through Coongan George is now open to traffic. Upgrade works at the intersection of Limestone - Marble Bar Road are also complete. 

The project was officially opened by Transport Minister Hon Rita Saffioti on 6 June.

Read our latest Project Update for more information.


  • Improve safety
  • Allow for a speed limit of 110 km/h compared to the current 40 km/h in some sections, reducing travel times
  • Improve access for mining operations and local and Aboriginal communities
  • Support economic activity through provision of a more efficient road network


Jointly funded by the Australian and State Governments.

Last Updated: 02 October 2019