​​​​​​​​​​​Indian Ocean Drive

Two Rocks to Lancelin

  • Works are part of a safety improvement package.
  • Construction is expected to be completed by November 2020.
  • Motorists travelling between Perth and Geraldton may be impacted by roadworks on Brand Highway and Indian Ocean Drive. Visit our Travel Map to find all roadwork, event and incident information you need to plan your trip. 

Image: Photograph of ​safety improvements signage along Indian Ocean Drive. 

Following a series of serious crashes on Indian Ocean Drive between Two Rocks and Lancelin, an Indian Ocean Drive Safety Review Group was established in August 2017 to examine road safety issues on this stretch of road, and recommendations are in progress to improve safety.

As part of this project, we are working on the following safety improvements:

  • Speed limit reduction from 110 km/h to 100 km/h
  • Edge and centre audible line marking to reduce head-on collis​​ions and frequency of vehicles running off the road
  • Construction of four overtaking lanes.
  • Widenening of the road and the Wide Centre Line Treatment.
  • Improving signage: installed curve warning signs, wildlife warning signs and new guide signs.
  • Installing safety barriers and constructed embankments to reduce road side hazards.
  • Installing of flag lighting at KW road and Gingin Brooke Road.

Project Update 

The final remaining section of widening and installation the Wide Centre Line Treatment (WCLT) between Moore River Bridge and Lancelin Road Intersection is underway. This is the last 19km requiring treatment. These works will be completed with initial seal and signage by mid July 2020. The final seal and line marking will commence and be finalised in November 2020 after winter.

Intersection improvements and widening between K.W and Lancelin Road will be complete in June.​


  • November 2017: Safety Report released and speed reduction implemented
  • February 2018: Improved signage installed
  • April 2018: Audible lines installed 
  • April to December 2018: Widening works, construction of overtaking​ lanes and WCLT
  • July 2019: Installation of safety barriers between Seabird and Lancelin
  • January to late-2019: Widening and linemarking works from Breakwater Drive to Moore River
  • October 2019: Intersection improvements at K.W Road and Lancelin Road
  • January to April 2020: Widening and linemarking works from Moore River to Seabird
  • November 2020: All works due for completion ​



 Image: Wide Centre Line Treatment on Indian Ocean Drive


  • Significantly improve road safety
  • Provide safer overtaking opportunities
Last Updated: 10 June 2020