​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bussell Highway Duplication

Bunbury to Busselton

  • Duplication of a 17 km section between Capel Bypass and Busselton.
  • The project will be delivered in two stages.
  • Increase capacity and safety of the highway and provide safer overtaking opportunities​​​

Image: Construction equipment and vehicles at the project site.


The 46 km section of Bussell Highway between Bunbury and Busselton is a four-lane dual carriageway, aside from a 17 km section between Capel and north of Busselton, which is a two lane single carriageway with passing lanes at approximately 5 km intervals in each direction.

Traffic volumes in this section exceed the capacity of the single carriageway section at times resulting in congestion and delays.

On Friday afternoons, due to the large southbound traffic volumes attempting to merge from two lanes, it is common for a queue of traffic to form southbound where the dual carriageway ends just south of Capel. The queue often extends through intersections that provide access into the Capel townsite, causing inconvenience and safety concerns for traffic accessing the townsite. Similarly, high traffic volumes heading north towards Perth after a long weekend are experienced.

​Completion of the dual carriageway involves:

Stage 1 (Capel Bypass to Hutton Road): A 5 km second carriageway including reconstruction of part of the existing carriageway.

Stage 2 (Hutton Road to Busselton): A 12 km second carriageway, including three bridges.

Project Update

On 21 June, the Australian and State Government's announced $85 million in funding has been allocated for construction works to commence.

Construction for stage one of the dual carriageway, a five kilometre section between the Capel Bypass and Hutton Road, along with reconstruction works for a section of the existing carriageway are expected to commence in October.

Preparation works for stage two of the project are continuing and include road and bridge design, environmental approvals and service relocations. ​


An environmental impact assessment is currently being prepared to progress environmental approvals for Stage Two.


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  • Increase capacity and safety of the highway particularly on holidays and long weekends when traffic volumes increase
  • Provide safer overtaking opportunities
  • Remove the problem of the Friday afternoon southbound merging queue adversely impacting on the intersection into Capel townsite
  • Reduce driver frustration


Jointly funded by the Australian ($68 million) and State ($17 million) Government. ​

Last Updated: 07 July 2020