​Coalfields Highway - Bowelling Curves

  • Upgrade Coalfields Highway, near Bowelling
  • Initial works complete and construction to recommence in October 2019
  • Improve road alignment and road user safety

Construction of Rail Trail realignment 

Image: Construction of Rail Trail realignment


Image: Basecourse


We are working to upgrade the Coalfields Highway, approximately 20 km west of Darkan in the Shire of West Arthur.

Works will include:

  • Widening the road to 10 metres with 1.5 m sealed shoulders
  • Realigning a 5 km section of curves
  • Intersection improvements at Hill Street and Bowelling-Duranillin Road
  • Relocating a parking bay
  • Constructing a new section of Collie Darkan Rail Trail

The project will improve freight connections from the Wheatbelt and Great Southern Regions to the Port of Bunbury.

Project Update

The new road alignment has been constructed next to the current road and initial works have been completed in May 2019.

Works will be suspended during winter and recommence in October 2019 for the construction of the tie in to the existing road at the western and eastern end of the project, the Duranillin Road intersection, guardrails, road marking and signage.

The new section of road is due to be opened in December 2019.

Environment and Community

Measures to minimise the impact on the environment:

  • The road design utilises an already cleared former rail corridor which has reduced the amount of State Forest clearing without compromising road safety
  • On completion, the current road which bisects the forest will be rehabilitated and planted to provide a continuous forest
  • The design footprint has been modified to prevent impact to Collie River
  • Mature trees have been avoided where it will not impact road safety
  • Steeped batters to reduce the amount of vegetation to be cleared
  • Contributed to a Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions fund, for the purchase of land to place in conservation trust
  • Drainage has been designed to prevent potential spread of dieback
  • Aboriginal heritage surveys and approvals have been undertaken
    Relocated the parking area
  • Continued access to Collie Darkan Rail Trail

An information session regarding the project was held in November 2017 at the Shire of West Arthur in Darkan.



  • Improved road alignment with safer passing opportunities
  • Improved safety



January 2019: Construction start

May 2019: Initial works completed (suspension of works during winter)

October 2019: Construction recommences

December 2019: Construction finish


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Last Updated: 06 September 2019