​​​​​​​​​​​​​Albany Ring Road

  • Proposed heavy haulage route around the City of Albany.
  • Stage One completed, Stage Two and Three now funded and currently in project development to enable construction.
  • Improve traffic flow, road safety and enhance level of service for the freight industry.
  • Open concept map PDF


The design is currently being review in conjunction with Arc Infrastructure, the City of Albany and other government agencies and key stakeholders to meet important safety standards and requirements.

  • Stage One: Chester Pass Road to Albany Highway on Menang Drive - Completed in 2007.
  • Stage Two: George Street through to Princess Royal Drive.
  • Stage Three: Albany Highway to Lower Denmark Road via Link Road / George Street.

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Project update

Request for Proposals issued to three shortlisted contractors

The project has reached a significant milestone, with three leading contractors shortlisted. On 24 February, Premier Mark McGowan and Transport Minister Rita Saffioti announced that  BMD Constructions Pty Ltd, CPB Contractors Pty Ltd and Decmil Southern Pty Ltd have been invited to submit detailed design and construction proposals.


Video: Watch the Concept Animation Video

Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest have recently been called for the design and construction. Read more in the media statement .

The latest concept map - open for feedback

Open the concept map PDF​ to view the latest release. For an update on some of the changes Open the fact sheet PDF​.

We are keen for your feedback on Stages two and three as we continue to progress the concept design.
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 Project FAQs

​Albany Ring Road Stages 2 and 3 includes:

  • Single lane carriageway (ie one lane in each direction);
  • Grade separation (interchanges) with Albany Ring Road at:
    • Hanrahan Road / Frenchman Bay Road;
    • Albany Highway
    • South Coast Highway

​This is not part of the current scope / funding, but we are currently undertaking more technical investigations as to how a grade separated ramp or interchange might work at this intersection, taking into account any impacts to property access. This will provide a cost estimate for consideration, with construction dependent on funding availability.​

​Main Roads has looked at a variety of other opportunities to improve the road network, including grade separating the Chester Pass roundabout. This is costly, has significant impacts on adjacent commercial and residential land, and while it will provide some level of improvement in the short term, it won't address congestion issues or safety concerns on major routes or the wider network heading to the port in the medium to long term. ​

​This is a steep area and we will ensure the gradient is no greater than 5% so trucks can comfortably use it. This will be done using a “cut and fill" process where we move earth from one place to another to level the ground. We cut the earth from above the desired ground height and 'fill' a lower area (or hole) to desired ground level.  In addition, a climbing lane will be constructed to allow slower moving vehicles to be overtaken safely at this location.​

There isn't a separate cycling/walking facility included as part of these works but there are parallel local roads which may become the primary cycle network through the area.​

The Hanrahan Road / Frenchman's Bay Road interchange will provide connectivity to the existing path network in this area and we are aware of maintaining connections for the Munda Biddi and Bibbulmun Tracks.  We will design the Albany Highway and South Coast Highway interchanges to ensure cycling infrastructure can be built in the future as / when required. We will seek feedback from cycling groups as the concept plan is developed.

We met with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) in late 2019 to discuss the project and obtain feedback on potential issues and management actions. Consultation with local environmental groups is also taking place to discuss the project and obtain local input.  The main areas of concern were:

  • Potential impacts to Western Ringtail Possums (via vehicle strikes) and the preservation of linkage and corridor vegetation for this species.
  • Potential impacts to flora species and the creation of a genetic barrier  (i.e. road acting as barrier preventing flow of genetic material)

​We are committed to ongoing engagement with environmental groups to ensure ongoing input into informing environmental management planning.

​Planning History

Albany Ring Road is a proposed heavy haulage route around the City of Albany for the transport of product including grain, fertiliser and woodchips to and from the Port of Albany.

The ring road will link the existing major arterial main roads and highways radiating from Albany, whilst bypassing urban areas and providing improved access to the Mirambeena Strategic Industrial Area (SIA).

Currently Albany Highway and South Coast Highway form the only available route for heavy vehicles travelling from inland areas to the Port of Albany.

This existing route traverses urban areas, including negotiating Chester Pass Road; which requires heavy vehicles to interact with a high volume of general commuter traffic.

Planning commenced in 1997 with selection of a route and inclusion within the town planning scheme.

In 2008, the Route Definition Study was finalised which identified the preferred route and access strategy.

The 2008 plan was revised in 2015 to accommodate changes in interchange options and road / rail interface requirements. Since then, additional operational and safety concerns have been identified, including the number of local accesses to the road.


A stakeholder workshop was held on 23 September with state and local government agencies, and industry organisations. The aim of the workshop was to:

  • Raise project awareness and understanding
  • Seek stakeholder input into informing the concept for the Albany Ring Road (ARR)
  • Identify and discuss the prevailing stakeholder issues and concerns.

Groups invited included:

  • City of Albany
  • Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
  • Public Transport Authority
  • Albany Port
  • Great Southern Development Commission
  • WA Police Great Southern
  • Denmark Shire
  • Forest Industries Federation WA / WAFCN
  • Regional Development Australia
  • Albany Chamber of Commerce
  • Southern Haulage Industries
  • Timber Resources Operations Group
  • Shire of Plantagenet
  • Tourism (Busy Blue Bus)
  • Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
  • Albany Plantation Export Company
  • CSBP
  • Freight Lines Group
  • Department of Transport
  • Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services
  • CBH
  • South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council

We are now reviewing and considering the workshop discussions to further develop the concept plan for wider engagement via a range of communication channels over the coming months. ​


Clearing permits will be sought as part of the Environmental approvals process prior to the commencement of Stages Two and Three.​



  • Improve travel times and traffic flow
  • Improve road safety
  • Improve heavy vehicle access to and from the port and industrial areas


The State Government has committed $35 million towards the construction of the project, with the balance of funds ($140 million) being provided by the Australian Government.

Last Updated: 19 March 2020