Busselton Bypass - Fairway Drive Intersection Upgrade

  • Upgrade of the Busselton Bypass and Fairway Drive intersection
  • Construction was completed in March 2019
  • Improve safety and reduce number of crashes


Upgrades to the intersection of the Busselton Bypass and Fairway Drive were completed in March.

The upgrade provides safer access to and from the bypass and is expected to reduce the number of crashes in that area.


The primary impact identified by the Environmental Assessment was the clearing of 0.24 ha native and 0.21 ha non-native vegetation, which appear to support Western Ringtail Possums.

The clearing footprint was significantly minimised with the construction of a roundabout and planning for revegetation of the area is now underway, with planting scheduled to start in cooler months.

Other environmental measures undertaken included:

  • Development of a Western Ringtail Possum (WRP) Management Plan
  • Avoided clearing between October and December (during WRP breeding season)
  • Undertook additional possum surveys prior to clearing to identify potentially occupied trees (a zoologist was on site during clearing and relocated 12 possums)
  • Installed temporary possum nest boxes outside the clearing footprint
  • Downsized trees (instead of pulling them out) to allow fauna to escape and avoid impacting adjacent vegetation
  • Considered holiday traffic and long weekends in the construction program
  • Conducted infill plantings with locally sourced materials


  • Improve safety
  • Reduce crashes


March 2019: Construction completed

Last Updated: 07 May 2019