​Nicholson Road (Bridge) Over Rail

Jointly funded by the Australian ($13.7m) and State ($13.7m) Governments, we completed a road bridge over the railway line on Nicholson Road between Bannister Road and Garden Street in Canning Vale. The new bridge takes Nicholson Road over the Midland to Fremantle Freight Railway and remove the existing railway level railway crossing, enhancing safety and transport efficiencies.

Opening in May 2018, works included:

  • A six-lane bridge over rail
  • Safety barriers, drainage, signs, screen/noise walls, pavement marking and street lighting
  • Pedestrian and cycling infrastructure that includes a pedestrian underpass and a path on the east side of the new bridge
  • New line markings on the Nicholson Road, Garden Street and Yale Road roundabout, replacing the spiral line markings
Image: Nicholson Road (Bridge) Over RailImage:​ Garden Street and Yale Road roundabout


Last Updated: 31 December 2018