​​​​​Broome Cape Leveque Road

Broome Highway to Beagle Bay 

  • Upgrading and sealing a section of Broome Cape Leveque Road.
  • Construction has commenced and is expected to be completed by 2021.
  • Provide all weather access to the Dampier Peninsula and surrounding communities, improving safety and reducing commercial transport costs.


Image: Project workers onsite - Joel Grande, D Paddy and Winston Pindan


  • Construction and sealing of the remaining 90 km unsealed section
  • Reconstruction and sealing of the existing 13.6 km of narrow seal
  • Upgrade of the Broome Cape Leveque Road and Broome Highway intersection
  • Alignment/geometric and drainage improvements
  • The installation of culverts, fauna underpasses and floodways

Project Update

This year will mark the end of driving on the pindan road, the last 90 kms of road is planned to be sealed by the end of this year with construction already underway.

Construction started in March, with the shaping and compaction of the new road embankment to prepare it for the construction of gravel pavement, which is also known as the base-course. It is planned to start bitumen sealing from the southern end in May. Other activities planned for completion this year include drainage works, floodway stabilisation and rehabilitation.

We have a busy year ahead with a lot of activity on-site with roadworks initially commencing from the southern end working north towards Beagle Bay.

Roadwork crews are undertaking pavement construction, involving a large number of road trains to transport gravel from the gravel pit. Read more in our May 2020 Project Update.

Improving community access

Hear some good news stories on how the road will provide access to essential services and provide opportunities for schooling and jobs on YouTube .

Environment / Sustainability

For more information  visit environment page.


  • 2002-07: Stage 1 and 2 sealing completed
  • 2016-17: Progress development activities
  • Mid-2018: Stage 3 construction commenced
  • 2021: Construction completion


During the wet season, access to the Dampier Peninsula is restricted due to flooding. This project will provide all weather access and safety improvements through:

  • Construction of an 8m wide road.
  • Gravel shoulders
  • Audio tactile edge lines installed for the entire length of the road, reducing the risk of vehicles leaving the road
  • Flattening roadside batters (slope of dirt on the side) to reduce risk of vehicle rollovers
  • Installing parking bays at regular intervals providing rest stops for road users.

Yes, vehicles can continue to use the existing road while the work is in progress.

​During construction, a number of measures will be in place for worker and road user safety.
  • Speed limits on the side track and work sites will be reduced.
  • Travel time during construction should remain similar to existing travel times.
  • Road users will be able to access completed sections of the new road during the wet season whilst construction is on hold. 

​There may be some small-scale road maintenance opportunities available such as vegetation management, shoulder grading and drainage related works.
Local Aboriginal businesses are encouraged to work with Main Roads and the Shires on ongoing maintenance activities on the road network throughout the Kimberley Region.
Employment opportunities may also be available through local contractors.
To find out more please contact Carmen Murdock, Project Community and Stakeholder Manager via email carmen.murdock@mainroads.wa.gov.au or phone 0488 776 301.




 Image: Illustrated map


  • Improve safety 
  • Improve access for Aboriginal communities
  • Reduce delays caused by road closures during the wet season
  • Support economic activity through provision of a more efficient road network
  • Increase tourism
Last Updated: 19 May 2020