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The proposed Bunbury Outer Ring Road is a 27 kilometre section of highway connecting Forrest Highway to Bussell Highway consisting of three sections - northern, central and southern - Open the project overview map PDF.

​We have placed an Expression of Interest for the design and construction of BORR which can be viewed when you visit the State Government’s Tenders WA website . The purpose of the advice is to alert industry to the planned procurement of the construction contract for BORR.

The procurement of major construction contracts such as that for BORR can take around 12 months to complete which is why we have begun the process now. Construction of the project remains subject to all necessary environmental and heritage approvals being obtained.

Urban design and landscaping is about creating places for people by connecting communities, built form and the natural environment, View our Project Vision PDF.

Northern and Central Section

Open Northern and Central Corridor Selection Fact Sheet PDF

Following extensive community consultation, the Northern and Central concept has been updated to include north facing ramps at the Raymond Road Interchange - Open the Raymond Road Interchange Fact Sheet PDF to find out how these ramps will improve connectivity and reduce road noise for nearby local residents.

Detailed investigations and environmental site surveys of this alignment have been carried out.

​To view the Northern and Central section alignment Open the concept plan PDF. The development of this alignment was informed by detailed investigations, environmental surveys and consultation, including meetings with landowners and stakeholders.

Following recent community and stakeholder feedback, we have determined that the South Western Highway can include a full connection, allowing cars to travel in either direction between both roads. This change will allow visitors and the local community to more easily access destinations in the Greater Bunbury area, including Bunbury CBD and the Ferguson Valley.​​

Planning history

From early 2017 to early 2018, we undertook alignment selection planning study, between Forrest Highway and Boyanup - Picton Road. This is to identify an integrated planning solution that is aligned with the future development of Greater Bunbury.

The study was completed in early 2018, and a preferred corridor was selected, with the decision supported by the Western Australian Planning Commission on 31 May 2018. The eastern corridor was selected for various reasons, including:

  • It provides an integrated planning solution and defines an outer perimeter for development rather than dividing the Greater Bunbury footprint.
  • It more effectively separates high speed regional and freight traffic from local traffic improving safety, efficiency and improved port access.
  • It starts further north which will improve safety for a number of intersections along the existing Forrest Highway (including Raymond Road, Grand Entrance, and Hynes Road).
  • It is capable of catering for a future population in excess of 200,000 people with four lanes whereas the previous corridor would require a wider footprint with more lanes and larger interchanges.

For further details on the alignment selection process and outcomesOpen the Northern Alignment Section Selection Report PDF.

Central Section

The four kilometre central section was completed in May 2013, and connects Boyanup Picton Road and South western Highway, south of Bunbury (near Bunbury Airport). A three kilometre extension of Bunbury Port Access Road (Willinge Drive) was built at the same time.

Southern Section

The preferred alignment for the Southern section has been chosen and we are proceeding with planning the southern alignment through the existing road reserve.

Development of the concept is ongoing and we are continuing with stakeholder and community engagement.

To view the Southern section alignment open the concept plan PDF​.

Planning history

The existing corridor has been reserved within the Greater Bunbury Region Scheme for many years. However, when referring the project for environmental approval it is necessary to demonstrate that there are not feasible alternatives with lesser environmental impact.

The road reserve through Gelorup includes Federally listed habitat for the Western Ringtail Possum, Black Cockatoo and Banksia Woodland Threatened Ecological Community. In May 2018, The Commonwealth Minister for the Environment and Energy changed the status of the Western Ringtail Possum under the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act from Vulnerable to Critically Endangered. This is the highest classification level possible before a species is declared extinct.

As a result of this reclassification and the other Matters of National Environmental Significance, we undertook additional investigations to support the environmental referral process.
View the alternative corridor PDF which was identified for investigation, within which environmental surveys were undertaken and consultation with potentially affected landowners was carried out. For futher information on alignment selection for the Southern section, you can view the Bunbury Outer Ring Road South Alignment Selection Report PDF​. ​

Local Roads

A key benefit is to significantly reduce the amount of regional and freight traffic using local roads through Greater Bunbury. As a “control of access” highway, BORR will only be accessible via major connections.  This means that some local roads will be either bridged over or closed on either side. Where roads are closed, works will be carried out to maintain access.

Local access options planning for Gelorup, North Boyanup and South Bunbury/Stratham are still in progress. A local access strategy workshop for Gelorup was held on 23 July. An overview of the workshop and the resultant concept design for BORR South are summarised in the fact sheet and mapOpen Southern Local Access Strategy Fact Sheet PDF


Grade separated interchanges (where two roads are separated, with one going over the other) are planned at the following locations:

  • Forrest Highway, (at Paris Road / Clifton Road near Australind)
  • Raymond Road
  • South Western Highway (near Waterloo Road)
  • Waterloo (located at Wireless Road)
  • Willinge Drive
  • Centenary Road / Lillydale Road
  • Bussell Highway (between Woods Road and Calinup Road)
Planni​​​ng is being undertaken for these grade separated interchanges. Whether these are all built as part of the project is likely to be decided later in the year. As an example, an intersection such as a roundabout may be determined to be sufficient in the medium term.​

Last Updated: 17 February 2020