​​​​​​​​​​​​Bunbury Outer Ring Road

The proposed Bunbury Outer Ring Road is a 27 kilometre section of highway connecting Forrest Highway to Bussell Highway consisting of three sections – northern, central and southern.

  • The northern section is between Forrest Highway and Boyanup Picton Road.
  • The four kilometre central section was completed in May 2013, and connects Boyanup Picton Road and South Western Highway, south of Bunbury (near Bunbury Airport). A three kilometre extension of Bunbury Port Access Road (Willinge Drive) was built at the same time.
  • The southern section is between South Western Highway and Bussell Highway.

What we're doing

  • A new guide to the Bunbury Outer Ring Road’s benefits, opportunities and challenges is now available. The guide highlights the importance of the project to the future growth of the region and includes a summary of the recently completed socio-economic assessment of the project.
  • We have updated the South Western Highway interchange design to create a full connection between the road and BORR. Read the latest Media Statement​ to find out more.
  • The (State) Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has made its determination on the level of assessment for the project. Visit the Northern and Central Sections and/or Southern Se​ction pages on the EPA website for further information​.

​About the Project

​Community & Environment

​Maps & Designs

Bunbury Outer Ring Road will provide an alternative route around Bunbury to improve traffic flow and safety See how we are engaging with the community and stakeholders  View the concept plan and how preferred corridors were    identified and selected​​​
Last Updated: 20 April 2020