​​​​​​About the project


  • Reduce travel times between the north and south of Bunbury by up to 15 minutes
  • Enable traffic travelling between Forrest Highway and Bussell Highway to avoid 13 sets of traffic lights and one rail level crossing
  • Improve safety for local residents by removing a significant number of trucks from local roads each day
  • Enhance access for tourists to Bunbury Geographe, the world renowned Margaret River region and the wider South West
  • Create free flowing traffic movements for the freight transport industry
  • Improve access to Bunbury Port and strengthen Greater Bunbury’s position as a regional industrial hub for the South West Region

Open February 2020 Bunbury Outer Ring Road Guide PDF to get a summary of the project's objectives, sections and funding.

Northern section fly-through


Video: Latest fly-through animation of the northern and central planning concept.

Southern section preferred alignment

 Read Media Statement on the Southern alignment  to find out how we are proceeding with planning this part of the project through the existing road reserve.

A local access strategy workshop for Gelorup was held on 23 July 2019. The workshop was attended by 33 community members from across Gelorup, North Boyanup and Dalyellup. Representatives from the Shire of Capel, City of Bunbury, Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd, Hanson and the Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School were also present. ​

The workshop considered community feedback on future access arrangements for Gelorup, including the proposed connection of Jules Road to Centenary Road. A range of views on this part of the access arrangements were expressed. We will consider these along with the comments made on other aspects of the proposed arrangements and discussed further with the Shire of Capel. 

Additional community consultation is ongoing.


  • Project planning study commenced: April 2018
  • Environmental referral (Northern section): June 2019
  • Environmental referral (Southern section): September 2019
  • Project planning study completed: February 2020
  • Construction contract award: Late-2020
  • Construction commences: 2021 (once all approvals in place)
  • Construction complete: Early-2024

Key project milestones and decision points are subject to change

Media Statements

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Preferred alignment chosen for Bunbury Outer Ring Road - 4 June 2019

McGowan Government's record regional road budget continues - 9 May 2019

State Government welcomes Federal Government's final quarter effort on transport – 28 March 2019

Wanju and Waterloo plans re-released for public comment – 12 March 2019

Minister welcomes additional Bunbury Outer Ring Road funds  - 27 April 2018


There is already significant pressure on the road network around Bunbury, and this is projected to increase due to a number of factors:

  • Population growth in Greater Bunbury
  • Proposed development in Wanju, Waterloo and surrounding areas
  • Increased freight movements, due to mining activity and associated growth in Bunbury Port activities
  • The existing road network in and around Bunbury supports a range of vehicle movements, including freight and light vehicles, regional and local traffic. These combinations of vehicles on local road networks impact on road safety and amenity

As a Port City, Bunbury plays an important role in the WA economy.  Twelve per cent of the world exports of alumina leave from the Port of Bunbury. The current access to Bunbury Port is problematic, and impacts on freight efficiency.

Currently, vehicles travelling between Bussell Highway and Forrest Highway have to navigate 13 sets of traffic lights and one rail level crossing.

When complete, between 10,000 and 15,000 vehicles per day on average are expected to use the new road. These regional / port movements would otherwise mix with local traffic on local roads.

The original concept for Bunbury Outer Ring Road was developed in the early 1970s.

The central section was completed in 2013, in conjunction with Port Access Road (Willinge Drive). This section links South Western Highway (south) to Boyanup Picton Road, and provides improved access to the Port from areas south east of Bunbury.

A northern section alignment was included in the Greater Bunbury Regional Scheme but has recently been reviewed. See ‘Why was the BORR moved further east?’ in the FAQs document below.

The road reserve for the southern section has been protected in the Greater Bunbury Region Scheme for many years, however, it contains Matters of Environmental Significance and, as such, is being assessed along with an alternative investigation corridor.


The project is fully funded with the State Government allocating $170.4 million (20%) and the Commonwealth Government allocating $681.6 million (80%) for its construction.

​We are working towards having all necessary approvals to award a construction contract in late 2020.  These include environmental and heritage approvals.

​We own some of the land required for the BORR. Further acquisitions are required and land requirements are being determined at present. We have contacted landowners whose land may be required for the project.

Last Updated: 21 May 2020