​South Western Highway Pemberton turnoff to Walpole

  • Widening the highway between the Pemberton turnoff and Walpole.
  • Work is being undertaken in stages over a number of years. 
  • There is currently no funding available for the next stage between Vasse Highway and Middleton Road.


Image: South Western Highway with wide shoulder seals


We plan to increase the seal width from 6 m to 10 m, including the construction of fully sealed new shoulders. Where possible we will improve safety of road verges by flattening batter slopes and protecting or removing roadside hazards (predominantly large trees).

We have been working with our Community Reference Group since 2013, seeking their input into influencing the extent of work.

We have constructed 21 km over three years.

Project update

We are progressing planning in response to concerns raised by the community for a section highway south of Pemberton between Vasse Highway and Middleton Road.

Land is required from National Parks and possibly from some private properties, although this is expected to be minimal. The works are likely to reflect the existing highway alignment with no significant realignment or reconstruction proposed. The initial focus will reflect business, tourism, safety impacts and traffic volumes with a preliminary design for the 10 km section north of Middleton Road currently being developed.


  • March 2016: Completion of an 8.5 km section from Ordnance Road to 1.5 km north of Centre Road.
  • March 2017: Completion of a 5 km section starting 1.5 km north of Centre Road and extending to 2 km north of Mandalay Beach Road.
  • March 2018: Completion of a 5.5km section from Railway Road to Deep River (including retention of many large trees).


Image: Map from our January 2017 newsletter


  • Improving safety
  • Providing opportunities to safely pass other vehicles, by increased seal width
  • Improving protection for turning vehicles leaving the highway through key intersection upgrades, such as Beardmore Road.


Widening works are dependent on the allocation of funds in future State budgets.

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Last Updated: 27 March 2020