​​​​​​​​Gibb River Road Upgrade

Derby Highway to Fairfield-Leopold Downs Road

  • Upgrading and sealing sections of Gibb River Road.
  • Works are part of ongoing safety and accessibility improvements.


Image: Truck driving along a cleared section of un-sealed road on the project site.


  • Reconstruction of existing narrowed sealed and unsealed sections.
  • Sealing of sections to 8 metres wide and increasing sight distance.
  • Road realignment, drainage improvements, installation of culverts and floodways.

Project update

The Gibb River Road is sealed between the Derby Highway and Kimberley Downs Road. Project development activities are progressing for the sections between Kimberley Downs Road and Fairfield-Leopold Downs Road, with plans for the road to be sealed by 2022, subject to funding availability.

Environment and heritage

This project has been assessed and approved by the Department of Water and Environment Regulation under our CPS 818 purpose permit.

Environmental impacts will be managed under a Construction Environmental Management Plan and a Revegetation Plan.

We have obtained clearances for the upgrade works in consultation with the Warrwa Native Title Claimants.


  • 2015-18: Completed 53 km of upgrades between Bungarun Road and Blina Road   
  • 2019: Completed sealing of a 9 km section between Roberts Road and Lennard River.
  • 2020: Sealing of the Gibb River Road/Fairfield – Leopold Downs Road intersection
  • 2020-21: Construction and seal of a 9 km unsealed section between Kimberley Downs Road and Kimberley Flats (subject to funding)


  • Improved road safety
  • Reduced commercial transport costs
  • Reduced road closures due to flooding
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved access for Aboriginal communities and tourism
Last Updated: 17 March 2020