​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dongara to Northampton

  • We are currently undertaking a planning study to identify a future road corridor for a Dongara to Northampton coastal route

  • An alignment selection study is underway and is anticipated to be complete by 2020

  • To address long term freight requirements and alleviate pressure on existing road networks


Image: Regional road with a 110 km/h speed sign

Project Update

In 2015 we commenced consultation with potentially affected landowners, the local community, local government and other key stakeholders.Open Study Overview PDF which we distributed, outlining the six feasible route options and associated benefits and considerations.

We are assessing the feedback received from this consultation and liaising with various key stakeholders to identify a preferred alignment.

Once a preferred corridor is selected, we will seek endorsement of a preferred alignment from the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).

Further engagement with landowners and key stakeholders will then be undertaken as part of the work to refine the final alignment.

Geraldton North South Highway

Planning has been undertaken to identify a future road corridor between Devlin Pool Road/Brand Highway (south) and Webberton Road/North West Coastal Highway (north). With work currently progressing on the Dongara Northampton Planning Study, the Geraldton North South Highway planning study is no longer considered a state priority.


  • August 2015: Distribution of Study Overview to local communities 
  • Late-2015: Consultation with key stakeholders
  • Mid 2020: Anticipated completion




  • Support the growth and expansion of the Mid West region
  • Alleviate pressure on existing road networks
  • Improve traffic flow

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Open Study Overview PDF - August 2015

Complete an online form or call 138 138 to find out more information 

Open Geraldton North South Highway locality plan PDF

Last Updated: 27 March 2020