​Congdon Street Bridge Replacement

  • Replacing the aging Congdon Street Bridge over rail, next to Swanbourne Station
  • Currently in planning
  • The bridge has reached the end of its design life and is expensive to maintain


Replacing the timber bridge, which is over 100 years old, with a modern structure will ensure it meets current safety and access standards, as well as clearance requirements for the Public Transport Authority’s (PTA) rail line, well into the future.

Four design configurations for the new bridge have been developed. Each design takes into consideration location, cost, land requirements, impacts to the Norfolk Island pine trees on Claremont Crescent, parking impacts and potential disruption to businesses during construction.

Along with key stakeholders, including the PTA and the Town of Claremont, we have indicated support for a preferred option that can be built while the existing bridge remains in operation. The preferred design also offers the community benefits like improved pedestrian and cycle paths, and connectivity with local commercial hubs.

The preferred option

Saladin Street to Railway Street

A new alignment to the east of the existing bridge, between the existing Saladin Street roundabout on the north side of the rail and a new roundabout at Railway Street on the south side of the rail, is the preferred option. The existing Windsor Street intersection with Railway Street could be closed via a cul-de-sac, subject to community feedback.

Benefits of this option include:

  • Can be built while the old bridge remains in operation, minimising inconvenience to the local community, road users and adjacent business operators;
  • Pedestrians and cyclists will benefit from significantly enhanced shared path and access provisions;
  • Preserves the valuable stand of pine trees on Claremont Crescent;
  • Maximises parking facilities; and
  • Supports future residential and commercial development opportunities.

Read our October 2018 Planning Update to see the other options we have considered.

Community Information Session and Survey

We hosted a community information session on 24 October 2018 attended by more than 100 people. We also conducted a survey between 13 October and 9 November 2018. This feedback is now being collated and will be used to inform the ongoing planning to identify an alignment for the new bridge. To stay updated, subscribe for our project updates.


  • October 2018: Community consultation
  • 2019-20: Project development


Funding for the construction of the project is currently not available, however community feedback will inform the development of the preliminary bridge design over the coming months.

This will ensure we are prepared when funding becomes available.

Open planning update October 2018 Image: Preferred option from our Planning Update

Last Updated: 04 June 2019