​​Mitchell Freeway Extension

Hester Avenue to Romeo Road

  • Planning is underway for the extension of Mitchell Freeway
  • Construction will align with the Yanchep Rail Extension
  • Works will commence in late 2020
  • Visit My Say Transport and have your say to help us plan the extension.


We are planning for the future extension of Mitchell Freeway - creating a high standard north-south transport link in Perth's north western suburbs. A reservation for the freeway extension has been included in the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) for a number of years.

This extension is part of a suite of transport infrastructure improvements designed to support the expansion of Perth's fast growing outer northern suburbs. It will alleviate pressure on the local road network, reduce travel times and improve safety and connectivity for people living and working in the region now and into the future.

The preliminary concept includes:

  • A 5.6 km extension of Mitchell Freeway from Hester Avenue to Romeo Road with two traffic lanes in each direction and provision for future widening
  • Completion of the interchange at Hester Avenue
  • New interchange at Lukin Drive
  • A rail tunnel or bridge for the existing rail to exit the freeway median to Butler station
  • A new principal shared path for cyclists and pedestrians on the western side of the freeway from Hester Avenue to Romeo Road
  • Constructing and connecting Romeo Road between Marmion Avenue and Wanneroo Road
  • Noise mitigation, street lighting and safety barriers where required
  • Duplication of Wanneroo Road for 1.8 km from Romeo Road to Trian Road

Project update

Extensive planning and project development is now underway to confirm the scope and progress the various approvals to allow for construction. See the latest project update​​ for more information.

Activities include:

  • stakeholder consultation to identify and resolve various constraints/issues
  • concept design, geotechnical and site investigations, traffic modelling and environmental assessments to inform environmental processes and approvals
  • community engagement - visit My Say Transport to have your say and help us plan the extension

Construction will be aligned to complement the Yanchep Rail Extension - part of the State Government's commitment to METRONET - to ensure a coordinated program of works that delivers well planned transport infrastructure for the Northern suburbs and the wider metropolitan area.


  • 2019: Planning and development - Develop preliminary Design - engage stakeholders to identify issues/constraints, traffic modelling, geotechnical investigations, environmental/heritage surveys, seek environmental approvals
  • 2020: Works to commence
  • 2022: Anticipated end of construction in late 2022​



Image: Map


The project is jointly funded by the Australian ($107.5 million) and Western Australian ($107.5 million) governments. 

Last Updated: 04 September 2019