​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mitchell Freeway Southbound Upgrade

Hodges Drive to Hepburn Avenue

  • Almost nine kilometres of widening to provide a third southbound lane 
  • Currently in planning and development​​​​​ stage
  • Construction is scheduled to commence in late-2020
Image: Mitchell Freeway southbound congested with two lanes of traffic


Planning is underway to build a third lane on Mitchell Freeway southbound from Hodges Drive to Hepburn Avenue which, combined with the recent widening from Cedric Street to Vincent Street, will increase the freeway's capacity by 50 per cent. 

As part of the project we will install sections of new concrete barriers adjacent to the rail reserve from Hodges Drive to Reid Highway.

Subject to statutory approvals, the project may also include:

  • Principal Shared Path (PSP) construction, upgrades and local connections
  • Verge-side emergency stopping bays
  • Modifications to freeway on-ramps to enable future ramp signalling at Hodges Drive, Ocean Reef Road, Whitfords Avenue, and Hepburn Avenue
  • Noise and amenity walls where required

The project will lead to shorter, more reliable journey times and provide relief for up to 51,000 motorists per day.

Project Update

Expressions of interest have been sought from industry for a design and construct contract, with three consortia shortlisted and invited to submit detailed proposals. We anticipate contract award in October.

Current activities include:

  • noise monitoring to determine the locations and heights of any noise or amenity walls which may need to be built;
  • consultation with adjacent property owners, businesses and key stakeholders, as required;
  • site investigations for service relocations, being undertaken throughout 2020; and
  • design work to finalise project details in readiness for construction.


Procurement: Commencing March 2020

Contract award: October 2020

Construction: Late-2020 to late-2022


 Image: Map


  • ​Improve travel times, road safety and freight productivity
  • Alleviate traffic pressure and reduce congestion
  • Save an estimated six minutes during morning peak


Jointly funded by the Federal and State Governments, this project is estimated to cost $76 million.

Last Updated: 23 June 2020